A couple of my friends had recently renewed their mortgages and received a substantial reduction in their monthly payments. It had been in the back of my mind for a while about investigating it for our mortgage but was always put off by how different our circumstances were from when we initially took on our mortgage and I had let these worries hold me back.

I was encouraged, however, by my friend who said that she was never asked about earnings at all and the mortgage company even surveyed the house. This  put her property value up high enough to achieve a higher loan to value percentage, which lowered the mortgage rates she was offered.

I sought the Lord about it and felt to start making some phone calls. Each time I made a call I prayed and believed for the right person to talk to and wisdom in what to say.

I worked out that our loan to value was a few percent under the 60% needed to receive the lower rates and I was told that they don’t normally survey the house or amend the value of the house unless an extension or other changes have been made to the property. I knew if they would just come and see it, we could achieve the value we needed to lower the rates, as a neighbour had previously mentioned their recent valuation!

Anyway we continued with the process and I was happy to be told that they could reduce our monthly payments by just over £100 pounds,. Praise the Lord, what a saving! I just needed to visit the branch of the bank in town with proof of my DOB, as their records were incorrect, and also sign and return the documents they sent us. God is amazing, just a few simple phone calls and what a difference.

All done, or so I thought,  I received a phone call to say the documents had not been received on time and therefore the new payments would not take effect until the following month! Slightly annoying but I kept my faith in God, He was guiding this process and I’m learning that things happen for a reason with God and He works all things together for good!

The next month came and the mortgage payment had not changed, but I felt to wait for the next month to see if I had got the dates wrong for the changeover. Before I knew it a couple more months had passed and nothing had changed! After contacting them it became clear that our application had not been processed and my DOB had never been updated, I should have felt upset or angry but I strangely felt at peace about it, I just knew God was working somehow. The person on the phone was amazing and dealt with it better than I could have asked. Because of their error, he managed to get our house revalued and refund us all the money that we would have saved if the application had been processed at the correct time. We were then told that lower interest rates could be applied for us, saving us even more money than the original quote. Wow…..Praise The Lord….an even better outcome then I could have imagined.

Some things I learned from this whole experience – wait on Him, God is faithful all the time. He blesses us abundantly and gives us favour in everything when we seek Him first. Ask and believe it is done for you. All glory, honour and praise to God.