I was in that not-quite-awake state and I could hear a gentle engine noise. Then I thought I could smell smoke, not very strong. It seemed to clog my nose.  So I got up - 7am - and opened my curtains.  Great big Fire Engine outside my house!
The men explained the fire was in the hedge of trees in the garden beyond my back garden fence and they had had to take the pipes through my garden to reach it.
Apparently the fire started in my next door neighbours garden went through his fence into the garden beyond and travelled  very speedily along the hedge of fir trees (approximately 8ft tall) which lie behind my fence.  999 was called at sometime about 5.30am. They had knocked on my door to no avail.

I had slept through the whole thing! I have called this a miracle from God. Certainly an expression of His protection. If I had been there I would have been terrified. Fascinated but frightened. Why didn’t I wake up?

The firemen showed me that they had had to destroy the corner panel of my fence to access the fire. And really that is the only damage to my side of the fence, indeed to my garden.

Another miracle is my pile of dead fir tree branches, waiting for the end of the Lockdown,
just two feet from the fence! That had not been touched even by a spark. Praise God.

Before they left one of the firemen installed 3 fire alarms, one for each floor (that includes the attic). And as we walked up the drive he mentioned that they had washed my car too!

Although the fire was beyond my back garden there was ash everywhere, right over my house and the front garden and the gutter in the road was covered in it? The previous night, because it was cold and windy I had closed my bedroom window. In fact all my windows were closed except the toilet one! No indoor cleaning was necessary. Praise God for His mercy.

Later I found that the other side of the fence was badly singed in spite of no sign of charring on my side. Obviously the fence was greatly weakened.
Do you believe God gives believers favour?
That afternoon my next door neighbour, where the fire started, popped round. He has offered to replace three of my panels.

I just marvel and praise my God. And realise He loves me so much.