We recently went on holiday to Mexico only to arrive in the midst of a hurricane on one coast and a tropical storm on the other. Unperturbed by the lashing rain on arrival, we went to our room and began to pray. We prayed for a time in the Spirit and then prayed passages of scripture such as Mark 4:39-41 and 1 Kings 17:1 and 18:41-46. We also prayed that we would have sunshine when we wanted to be on the beach and if it needed to rain it could be when we had lunch!  We continued in this way for several days and we had what we asked for. Also in between we had begun to command the hurricane to leave the coast and return to the sea and for the tropical storm to cease. Each day as we checked the news, what we had prayed was reported as having happened! On about the fifth day it rained constantly so we decided to go and seek the Lord about what to do. We felt we needed to intercede on behalf of the sins of the nation. As we did, God began to reveal certain things to us. Later we found out from some of the locals that what had been revealed to us had actually happened. After that day of intercession the hurricane broke completely and moved south east towards the sea as we had commanded it. God is faithful to His word if we dare believe Him. (See Mk 11:23-24)I To Him be all the glory!