Standing firm on the truth that you are healed by Jesus Christ!

One Sunday afternoon, my 8 year old daughter came down with a very high temperature and a
sore throat; she was sleeping in bed at about 4pm, that’s when you know there is something
wrong! We woke her up and her dad gave her some medicine and later I asked her if she wanted
to pray and ask Jesus for healing, to which she replied yes! Her dad is not a believer yet and I don’t
worry about the steps he takes to help our daughter, the Lord knows where we are at.
I found her a simple healing scripture in her Good News Bible from Psalm 30:2
I cried to you for help, O LORD my God, and you healed me;
and I said it as we prayed and I encouraged her to say it too. My heart is to prepare my children to
have their own faith and relationship with God, to stand on His word when they need to and not
to rely on me and my faith! Of course we all need encouragement and direction from other
believers but God wants us to ultimately know Him and trust Him for ourselves and not just
because someone else does!

She slept really well that night and woke up in the morning without a high temperature, the Lord
had healed her! Her throat was still very sore and so I decided she should have the day off school.
She rested on the sofa most of the day and her appetite was normal, I just kept gently encouraging
her to speak out Psalm 30:2 every time it felt particularly bad and we talked about how God heals
us the minute we pray but sometimes the symptoms linger and we have to push through and keep
reminding ourselves about what God says is the truth about the situation – She was healed!
By the next morning she was so much better but as I looked out of the window it was a hard frost
and I felt that one more day at home would be a good idea. There was no doubt that God had
healed her but God gives us common sense and wisdom in these situations, ‘don’t rush her back
to school’ is what I felt.

So that night at bedtime she was really positive about going back to school the next day and
settled well to bed. However in the middle of the night she woke up in a lot of pain from her ear!
It was strange, this hadn’t been a problem over the past few days so we prayed and I said to try
and get back to sleep. But she became really overwhelmed with emotion, she was crying and
became hysterical and it seemed the pain was really bad, I realised then, when I couldn’t calm her
down, that this was an attack from the enemy! So I pulled the spare mattress out and put it next
to my bed, so that she could try and sleep while I prayed and battled on her behalf. I prayed
against the enemy, for protection over our house and pleaded the blood of the Lamb, I released
Gods peace to fill the room and my daughter, and within 5 minutes she was calm. The pain was
still there but God had brought her peace, so I continued to stand against the attack and declare
the truth of the situation that she was healed and that the enemy had no authority over her body,
so he could just leave in the name of Jesus! I continued to pray over my daughter in tongues until
she and I both fell asleep.

During this time my son had heard the noise and had woken up; he came to see what was
happening. He lay down next to his little sister and said, “have you prayed, remember put your
hands on your bible heart”. I’ve been teaching my daughter about where Jesus lives in her and
how to focus on Him when she needs Him, my son may not have prayed the prayer of salvation
yet, but he did believe and had definitely soaked in what he’d heard me telling his sister! Praise

The next morning she woke up with no pain and went off to school happy, praise our faithful and
powerful God! Always declare the truth of what God says about your situation and take authority
in the name of Jesus, as the enemy has to flee at His mighty name! Hallelujah.