You know how it is: You’re feeling unwell, so much so that Dawn’s counsel about speaking to the mountain seems to take insuperable effort. That’s how it was with me, when on Tuesday 2 July hay-fever struck full force. Wendy and I had been doing our usual shopping in the morning, involving on the way a visit to the Hopkins recycling centre in Bordon. Lifting those heavy bags of branches and grass-cuttings took my remaining strength and it was difficult to manage with going round Lidl to help Wendy. During the afternoon I felt unable to cope with any more writing and a sense of frustration took over and I, mutinously, just fell for the enemy’s tricks.

The following morning, still very poorly but starting at 8.15 to make up lost time, I fired up the lap-top to begin work left undone from the previous day. Shock, horror: The file from the previous day could not be opened, but instead a full-screen advisory appeared, warning that the file had been severely corrupted and therefore had been automatically quarantined to prevent affecting other work. Any attempt to open it might affect other files. The suggestion was that I continue with a back-up copy . . . but in a memory haze I couldn’t remember whether I had saved what I had written the previous day. I shut down and restarted the machine, several times, with the same result. What to do? My thoughts turned to an emergency visit to Computer UK. I could arrive by 9.00 when they opened, and I know the owner very well.

I closed down the machine in preparation, then got up and wandered around my office (a single step in one direction, two and a half in the other) to think about it. After a while, I sensed the Lord urging me to repent of my weakness and praise him. I did so, at some length, and then sat down for a final check with the machine before setting off for Farnham. This time the file opened, perfectly, no warnings, and has remained so. The problem had vanished! Amazing that God can overcome all difficulties, including electronic ones!