Back in July standing orders issued by Kingdom Life’s High Command called for a church walk around the local scenery.  Good opportunity for fellowship, it said, and healthy too.  I didn’t have a great deal of enthusiasm.  Also I had been affected by a considerable twinge in my right knee which called for the use of a stick to offload the leg a bit, not to mention walking backwards downstairs.  I made discreet suggestions about the possibility of crying off, but then a remark was made to the effect that my presence would be much valued; couldn’t think why, I’m not much of a talker.  Also came to mind the thought that the appearance of a walking stick might not be much of an advert for a church with a growing attention on fitness and challenging  the works of our spiritual enemy.

Anyway, I decided not to be a spoil-sport and join in.  Perhaps it would be good for the knee, though I imagined the so-called ramble might rather more resemble an SAS Advanced Training Course.  But a scriptural passage came to mind, that ‘they were healed as they went’ (Luke 17:12-14)  It was the story of ten lepers who, calling out to Jesus from afar, were told to go and show themselves to the priest.  It was a test of faith for them because they were restored to health only when they with the priest, not before.  I did manage the walk, though often it was difficult to keep up, and the knee still hurt all the way.  I was not healed as I went.  However, it began to concentrate my mind on the need to adopt a tough attitude to healing.  Thinking about the church’s recent teaching, and looking through my sermon notes, I saw that the spiritual enemy had gradually and illegally depriving me of physical well being God wanted for me over many years (and at 81 there were quite a few problems).  I began addressing the enemy, often by speaking out God’s promises for me, (Ps 37, 91, 103, Mk 11:22-25for example), sometimes in front of my shaving mirror, claiming back what had been stolen, speaking to the mountain of infirmity, thanking God for his love praising him for his goodness, seeing myself as fit and all systems ‘go’.  I am doing this throughout the day, and my general health has begun to improve.  The process is on-going, much remains to be done and the enemy does not give up, but I continue the fight every day.  So far, my knee is back to normal and I don’t have to get up at night.