The first 9 years of my son’s life were amazing in many ways. He was my first born, so there was a huge learning curve for me as a new parent, and although there were many happy memories, there were also some very challenging times!

My son was a particularly bad sleeper; he was probably 4 or 5 before he properly slept through the night. He suffered from colic which didn’t help and his dad worked evenings, so bedtimes were left to me. Over the years I got into bad habits, allowing him to sleep in my bed and often taking what seemed to be the ‘easy route’ at the time.
As an older toddler, he could get very upset and emotional at times, lashing out at me, kicking and hitting and sometime even spitting at me. I never seemed to handle it very well, and never ended up giving him proper consequences for his actions. I was gradually allowing the discipline to slip with him along with the bad bedtime habits! I’ve learnt that the longer these things are left the harder they are to put back the right way.

When my son was 7 I started going back to church, after many years of being away. Gradually the Lord highlighted areas in my life that needed changing and when it came to my children He helped me to begin disciplining them the right way. However, this takes time and effort!
I had started asking God about why my son was like he was and I must have sensed it was more than my natural mind could work out. Through some of the ministry sessions with my Pastor we had talked about the importance of discipline and I had been guided to read through Proverbs to see what God’s Word said about it. This really encouraged and strengthened me to take the steps I needed to with my children.
My study of God’s word had lead me to John 1 and reading through the first 9 verses it talks about God is light. I was learning how He shows us hidden things which can have power over us but we have freedom in Him, Hallelujah!

Through conversations one day with my Mum and Pastor, the Lord had revealed and reminded me of the Reiki performed on me by an old school friend when I was pregnant with my son. I had done this in all innocence as I didn’t understand anything about this type of thing;
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. It’s been well disguised, as many believe it is similar to the healing we receive from Jesus, but God has revealed to me how Reiki is the complete opposite and is actually from the Enemy!
Great! I had invited a nasty spirit into me and my son and it explained so much about him!
I began to see over time that improvements were being made. I was implementing the boundaries that had never been there and it was working. His behaviour at times had been awful and I was convinced it was spiritual alongside learnt behaviour and lack of discipline over the years. One particular morning however, it had been bad again and he raised something in his hand as if to hit me. I said “Go on then, do it, as hard as you can. Why not get something harder. What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen? I’m going to get hurt and cry, I’m not scared of you, so do it!” I know it was the Holy Spirit prompting my words and talking to the spirit in him. Something in his eyes changed from anger to a realisation of what just happened and he sobbed! Just before leaving the house that day I told him that he needed to apologise for the way he had been so mean to me. Again he sobbed, and the little boy inside my son cried, apologised and hugged me.
That Friday after a study day, my Pastor prayed for me to be delivered of the spirit attached to Reiki, I had already repented to the Lord as He had prompted me to and it was very emotional knowing my actions had meant 9 years of this for me and my son!

Once it was out of me,I was in a place to pray for him. It was time for my son to be delivered, so at bedtime, after he eventually went to sleep, I followed my Pastor’s advice and guidance, and prayed for my son to be delivered of the spirit, I was expectant that God would do for my son what He did for me but wasn’t sure how it would play out. It was a mix of excitement that He would be set free but also I was nervous as I had never prayed anything like this before! Would my son shout, scream? How would it manifest? But my Pastor had shared with me how God would show me a sign that it was done, it could be a big yawn or gentle crying and that deliverance wasn’t always a dramatic or loud experience, as I was under the impression it was!

Nearing the end of the prayer, my son took a deep breath in and then out (a large sigh) and I knew it was done, so I prayed to seal it with the blood of the Lamb. Wow, I silently leapt around the room, not wanting to wake him, praising the Lord for what He had done for my son!
What a calmer son I have now. He’s not confrontational or rude. I know there are still disciplines to put in place and a need to keep boundaries and rules clear and firm but this has made an enormous difference, Praise the Lord! Remember in all things to seek God and He will direct you down the right path to victory!