I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in February 1986 -

I would describe myself then as a person sympathetic to the teachings of the church – my parents
were church goers, I had attended Sunday School, I had also attended a Church of England primary
school. In my teenage years I stopped attending church, as I had become disillusioned with what I
saw as a gap between Jesus’s teachings and peoples’ lives.

During my late teens and early twenties, I attended university. There were a number of encounters
with people who were, or had just become, Christians – their examples gave me food for thought.
Whilst at university I did pick up some books regarding eastern religions, but didn’t finish reading
them. I was definitely open to finding out more about things spiritual, but didn’t know where to look.

I also wanted to know what was going to happen in my life – what I was going to do? Would I marry?
Would I have children? Would I be successful? So when a girlfriend offered to do a Tarot reading, I
jumped at the chance. I don’t remember what was said, but was left wanting to know more.

After leaving university, I got a job as a trainee manager. One of my fellow inductees was a Christian,
but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to talk about what he believed. I was placed in an outlet in
Cambridge circus, London. Whilst working there a number of significant things happened: firstly I was
called to an incident in the men’s toilets – it transpired someone had overdosed on drugs and the
police had to be called; next Dave, one of the students I had shared a house with at university was
killed in a car accident; also a new member of staff joined – he had been trained as a palm reader.
With my interest in knowing more about things spiritual and wanting to know how my life would pan
out, I started thinking about having my palm read. I assumed palm readings would be either vague, or
would only tell you good things. I had heard plenty of good reports regarding what people had been
told when their palms were read by this guy – so I plucked up courage and asked for my palm to be
read. I have to say with the full benefit of hindsight, that reading changed my life – but not for the

It would be negligent of me, not to add a warning at this point – please, please, please do not dabble
with the occult- it can open you up to influences you can neither control nor understand.

I had not long started working in Manchester at a computer company called ICL, when one of my
fellow starters, Sarah, invited me and my then girlfriend around for a meal followed by a visit to
Manchester University for an evening meeting. When I asked about the meeting, she said it was a guy
who traveled a lot and talked about his experiences – or at least that was the impression I was left

I was actually quite looking forward to the travelogue I was about to attend, however when I got
there it was nothing like I had expected. There were a number of performers, including a comic,
before the man got up to talk. The meeting was held in the university’s chapel, and all the
performances seemed to have a churchy content (I should have guessed earlier that it wasn’t a plain
travelogue). It was all quite good, but I wanted to hear what the main man had to say. When he
opened up by saying that “God would speak to some of you here tonight” and that “we would know
it if He did” – I thought “I’ve been hoodwinked”. I seriously considered getting up and leaving.
Something persuaded me to stay and listen.

The speaker used Jesus feeding the five thousand as his text. He started talking about the real Jesus
and what His life meant. I can’t remember the details of what he said, but he seemed to be talking
about my life and situation.

The person I was then, had become full of guilt and was quite depressed, I was actually quite
ashamed of who I had become and how I had let so many people down. Life didn’t seem to have
much colour to it: even trees, flowers and works of art seemed quite dull. As the speaker continued
to talk, I looked at a piece of stained glass – it seemed to light up and come to life – not the dull shapes
my life had become used to. I am not sure how long the man spoke for, but the more he spoke, the
more he seemed to be talking about me! Maybe God was speaking to me after all.

When the man who spoke finished, he said “God has spoken to some of you here tonight, you know if
He has”. At the point I knew that meant me. He then said “if God has spoken to you tonight, I want
you to come forward to the front”. At this point my heart was beating out of my chest, but I made the
decision to go forward. The man, whose name is J. John led those who had gone forward in a prayer
for God to forgive us of our sins and invite Jesus into our lives. I can only say Wow! The weight of guilt
and shame was lifted off of me then and there, my knees were shaking, I felt like a totally new

That night – 24th February 1986, was when I made the best decision of my life – the day I received
Jesus as my Saviour. Life as a Christian is a journey, it’s not about floating along on a cloud with a care
free existence, but it is about a relationship with the most wonderful person you could ever meet.

(Link to prayer of salvation)