It was 1973.
“What do you think of our marriage?” I said. A grunt from the pillow next to mine, then “I suppose it’s the same as everyone else’s!”

That made me mad; I’m thinking it’s MY marriage, OUR marriage! It’s special! Doesn’t he feel it’s special too? Happy ever after and all that! But I knew it wasn’t.

I had always gone to church and it was here that I met Chris, who also lived in the same road. She asked me one day “what do you say when the JW’s come round?” Together we approached the vicar to start a Bible study group. Chris was really seeking, I went along with it. I was already an MU member and with another Mum had set up and was running a Young Wives Group.

Chris and her husband Peter, meantime, had met another couple, who were attached to the army somehow and only lived in the village for a short time (six months or less). They were Christians and the two couples shared much together. Through this relationship Peter and Chris gave their hearts to the Lord and were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Chris would come to my house and share all she was learning and experiencing. She told me about miracles that were happening today. We prayed for me several times to accept Jesus, but I felt like nothing had happened.

It was only when I prayed with a lady called Mrs Carver, and my pride, bitterness, resentment and jealousy were exposed that I made my confession of sin and gave my heart to the Lord Jesus.
She said, “of course, everything in the Bible is true!” I replied “What, even Adam and Eve?” She said yes! Suddenly an enormous weight lifted from my shoulders.

I remember driving home and the colours of everything were enhanced, beautified, and brilliant like I’d never seen before. What a beginning to my life with Jesus!

And our marriage has changed and is still changing; very special to both of us.

 New every morning are Your mercies, O Lord. Great is Your Faithfulness.