During September, my middle daughter Rebekah and her young family came over from
Australia. On the Wednesday, we went to the coast – it was a beautiful sunny day. As we
were headed back to the car, we all took turns to carry Kate (my granddaughter). Whilst I
was carrying Kate, I perceived the Lord prompt me to release peace from my heart to her.
This ministry – is based on the fact that Christ indwells us, and out of our bellies living
water can flow. Kate, was OK at the time, but when the Lord prompts me to do something,
I have learned to obey.

Later that evening, Rebekah had taken Kate upstairs to put her in her bed. Unknown to
Rebekah, or her husband Matt, Kate had taken a very small toy to bed with her. Before
long Kate started choking. Thankfully, Rebekah knew what to do, having working in child
care. The toy came out, but Kate was quite distressed by the experience and kept asking
for her grandad. Rebekah, brought her to me – as I was holding her I reasoned to myself
that children usually want their mums when they are distressed. Why did Kate want me?
The Lord reminded me that I had earlier ministered peace to her (or more correctly, the
Lord ministered peace through me). I again allowed the Lord to minister peace to Kate
through me. My wife, Dawn, who had been looking at the events unfold, commented
afterwards that she could see Kate visibly calm down as peace was being released to her.
A calm Kate was then taken back to bed by her mum and dad. She settled quickly and
had a long and restful nights sleep.

Learning to walk in the Spirit is for all believers – the Lord really wants a closer walk with
all of us. The testimony above is an example of a believer working hand in hand with the
Lord, with real results. I can only encourage you to start your own journey.