A few weeks ago, I noticed some discomfort when passing urine! Within twenty-four hours it was obvious I had cystitis, a urine infection. It became more painful to pass urine but also it was heavily blood stained! Great! What was I going to do about it? Firstly, make sure I had plenty of water to flush the infection out and also to dilute the urine to make it less painful to wee. Cranberry juice and lemon barley water are good choices too. I briefly turned to the healing scriptures but I toyed with the idea of going to the doctors, as I knew the symptoms would be gone in a couple of days with antibiotics. However, I probably would have had to take the medication for a week! Unfortunately for women it’s common to develop a thrush infection by taking antibiotics! I certainly didn’t want that as well. After about three days it seemed like the symptoms were subsiding much to my relief. That night I was awake in the early hours needing to wee and the heavily stained urine was back and the pain was excruciating! I took some painkillers and started to drink loads of fluids but the throbbing pain would not go away! I couldn’t get back to sleep! Did I believe that Jesus could and would heal me? Or was I going to turn to the doctor – my usual choice of treatment for this illness in the past! No! I so wanted to know the healing power of the Lord! So I set about listening and reading the healing scriptures on our web site, like taking antibiotics three/four times a day. With lots of encouragement from Pastor Dawn and other members of our church I persevered. It wasn’t easy and there were days I felt like giving in to antibiotics! It took about ten days but praise the Lord I was healed! You can’t image how pleased I was the first time ever I’d allowed the Lord to heal me of cystitis and not the doctors! No I wasn’t healed over night, yes it was painful! Has my faith grown? YES! Thank you Jesus that by your stripes I’ve been healed!