My 7 year old daughter had been complaining of a toothache for a couple of weeks and we had prayed and asked the Lord to take the pain away. Whenever my children feel ill or have aches and pains I always offer to pray with them and so this was another opportunity to share God with them. I knew we had been too relaxed about brushing teeth at bedtime and felt led that we needed to make a real effort and brush them every night and also instead of taking a drink of squash to bed at night that we should change it to only water. I explained to her that God can heal us but we need to do our bit and look after our bodies, she agreed this was a good idea and so we put these changes in place.

A couple of weeks later she said the toothache was particularly bad and so I took a look at the tooth and found that there was a bit of food stuck so went about removing it, only to find a hole in her tooth! My first response was ‘oh great a dentist visit and a filling’, my children have never had any fillings so I was feeling like I’d let her down! But then very quickly I corrected myself and thought actually no I believe my God can give her a new tooth! I prayed this through with her and encouraged her that God was able to perform a miracle for her because He loves her so much.

A few days later I was at our weekly prayer and praise meeting on a Wednesday morning and during our prayer time the Lord put it on my heart to confess that I had prayed for my daughters tooth and that I believed He would give her a new tooth! I thanked Him for a miracle in her life and everyone agreed that God would answer my prayer. I know you don’t have to feel anything in order to know that God is working but I really felt full of faith and absolutely convinced that God had heard my prayer for my daughter’s tooth.

The next day while I was spending some time chatting to The Lord I believe He showed me a picture in my mind, the tooth growing back, and thanked Him for the miracle!

That Saturday morning just after breakfast she said that her tooth was hurting and I thought oh no how’s that possible and so I asked her which tooth? She said it was another baby tooth that was just wobbly and getting ready to fall out. I then looked at the tooth that we had prayed for and found that the tooth had been completely restored and there was no longer a hole! I asked my daughter if she had realised when it had happened and she told me that at lunch the previous day at school, it had felt different and didn’t hurt when she was eating! We both thanked God for this wonderful miracle and my daughter gave a big smile.

Wow, how amazing is my God, I am in complete awe of Him. I did check it 2-3 times just to be sure of what I had seen, I mean I believed it but seeing the results of prayer is quite amazing. When we step out in faith, God meets us where we are and answers our prayers, Hallelujah! I know He can and will do it again and again when we simply ask in prayer and believe.