I would like to encourage those who have unregenerate husbands or wives.

I came to the Lord in 1973 whilst pregnant with our fourth child. I always went to church because ‘I liked the kind of people who went to church’. Also I believed there must be a God out there. Meeting with Jesus changed everything.  This was real!

I started praying for Mike.  He would make such a good Christian, I thought – even a vicar!

After some time, I don’t remember how long, a year or two maybe,  I began to think.  If I believe that my God hears prayers, why am I saying the same things to Him all the time , asking Him for Mike’s salvation?  Don’t I believe that God has heard me?  Of course He has!

I DECIDED, this is important, I decided that we are not puppets waiting for God to pull the strings, we have intelligence, brains, and above all free will.

I decided that God had heard, that He was doing something although I could not see anything happening.

So I started to praise and thank God that Mike was a Christian.

But this brought about another little problem, Christians would ask me “Is your husband saved?”  What was I to answer?

In the natural I knew he was not, but I was thanking God that he was.

My answer was to say “Yes, but he doesn’t know it yet”, that seemed to satisfy them, me and God.

We had quite a silent kind of marriage, not communicating very much with each other, so it was easy not to speak about things spiritual. (1 Pet. 3:1)

We all went to church as a family. I began to be part of the Sunday school, but that is another story! And Mike was even voted on to the PCC (Parish Church Council)!

In 1978 Mike gave his heart to the Lord, but that is Mike’s story to tell and not mine. May all of you have similar testimonies before this year is out.