I woke up during last Sunday/Monday night with an excruciating sore throat, a head ache, all my sinuses screaming, even my teeth were aching! I eventually returned to sleep. On Monday I felt awful all day, you all know how it is, don’t you!! I stayed in bed all day, trying hard to praise the Lord! By the evening I succumbed to a Paracetamol. Tuesday morning I felt a lot better although I was beginning to sniff and cough but I went to work anyway. By the evening I was using tissues galore!  Sneezing, coughing, sniffing, I felt terrible. Everything ached, my eyes, my teeth, my head, my cheeks, my ears!

On Wednesday I felt no better. So I mooched around the house in my pyjamas. But we had a special offer at Forest Lodge Garden Centre for that evening and I really wanted to go. When Mike said he’d shaved I thought he really wants to go too. So I washed and dressed and decided to believe for my healing. We went and we had a lovely meal which was good because I hadn’t felt like cooking, and I didn’t cough or sneeze once. Thank You Lord. However back at home again about 9pm I felt really bad again.

But it is Thursday today! Lying in bed this morning in that not-quite-awake time I knew-I just knew I was better. So I am writing this before we go to do the shopping. Free from all aches and pains, still a bit sniffy, but that will go too. Jesus doesn’t do things by half, Praise Him forever and ever.