Our second son Malcolm, area manager for a company working for the NHS and temporarily living with us, arrived home quite late.  He was worried because his company lap-top wasn’t working and he had two reports to prepare for a meeting the following day, and he also needed it to work for the meeting.  The on-screen advisory note was that the hard-drive was full.  The recommendation was to free up space by deleting files or transferring some to another computer.  He found he could not delete any because—you guessed it!—there wasn’t enough space.  I offered to lend him a memory stick to take some of its files and so make room for the new material, but that was against company rules because confidential information couldn’t be downloaded outside the company computer.  What if we took it to our excellent computer maintenance shop; we could be there by 8.30 a.m. when they opened?  No, that was also against the rules; company computers had to be serviced by an approved agent (again, for justifiable confidentiality reasons).

He left the room to take a shower and think over the problem.  It was already 9.00 p.m. and he had much to do.  I came before the Lord and spread the problem out before him. I reminded him that here was a case in which all the usual avenues were blocked.  There was absolutely no further action we could do.  We recounted our son’s integrity, his hard work that others might be healed (he is not yet a believer), and his commitment to his employers.  I thanked God and praised him that he knew all about the problem and in his wisdom could provide the answer.

About half an hour later Malcolm came into the room, face radiant.  The hard drive, he said, had seemingly restored itself and now showed enough space to accommodate the reports and whatever work would be required for the meeting.  He himself had not touched the machine and had done nothing towards its restoration.  I told him that I had been praying for the situation, believing that God had the solution, and so he had.  God loves it when we present him with a seemingly intractable problem.  It gives him the opportunity to display his ability to ‘do all things’.  My wife Wendy and I don’t beat our son with the Bible.  We have prayed that one day he will accept God’s gift of eternal life because we believe in household salvation.