October 19th did not start very well. I fell down the stairs. The way my body was flung against the stair I thought my back would break. I roared with pain, but managed to call on the name of Jesus. My husband Mike was amazing. At first my mouth went completely dry and he brought me water. Then I felt faint, (I have never fainted in my life) he brought lovely warm coats from the pegs in the hall and wrapped me up in them. All the time he was praying in tongues. I wasn’t! I was thinking am I going to die! After about 20 minutes I decided that with Mike praying for me I should start believing that I was healed. So I got up from the bottom of the stairs where I had landed, and gingerly walked into the living room and remained sitting on the settee most of the day.

During the next few days things began to settle. I could recognise areas of bruising, mostly on the right side of my back. Also my left little toe felt broken and was swollen and black. But the worst pain was a stabbing pain just above my right hip bone. It would come on at the most unexpected times suddenly. Rather like someone striking hard on a piano key and the note gradually dying away. It would make me cry out and catch my breath. Very difficult to praise the Lord in this situation and I wasn’t doing very well in that field. Though I was quoting one or two Bible scriptures to myself occasionally.

After about 3 days, in the middle of the night, I started to pray more earnestly. Talking to Jesus like He was beside me. I had begun to imagine that a bit of my hip had broken off and I asked him to stick this broken piece back into its rightful place and could He do something about my little toe! It was a very good conversation and I soon fell asleep.

I have never had that pain again. Jesus heals.
My thanks and gratitude go to a wonderful God who listens and answers believing prayers and who cares.