About a year ago I was considering changing my old Ford Fiesta & was looking at an Audi A1. I wanted it in cream, 5 door automatic! Only in my dreams or so I thought! I decided the time was not right & I would run my little old car into the ground for many reasons!

But recently, my trusted Ford Fiesta started giving me some trouble. As I was driving into the car park in Camberley, the power failed but there was one space right there, & just enough power to steer the car into that space safely out of the way. Eventually the Fiesta & myself were rescued by the breakdown company, who knew it was the alternator straight away. We were taken safely to my local Halfords, who put a new alternator in for me & to my surprise they did not charge me for any labour.

But as I drove away from Halfords, my feisty little Fiesta started misfiring & was not safe to drive.. Upon advice, I called the Ford garage as they have the right diagnostic equipment to solve the problem, but sadly they could not look at the car for 2 weeks!!! As my main concern was being able to get to work, I hired a car at a very reasonable rate.

Recently my uncle passed away leaving an inheritance to my father but this will not be finalised until January 2015 time. My father had said he would like to update my old fiesta when the finance came through from my uncle’s estate & hoped my fiesta would last until then!

It became obvious that this was not going be the case & I took the time over the weekend to pray what to do next. Then all the miracles happened within that one week!

On the Monday my Mum & Dad came to my house, explaining that they both had an investment that was maturing & would have available funds that week to buy me a new car, in advance of my uncle’s inheritance & I was to go car hunting. They were concerned for my safety driving an unreliable car being a single female. There were 2 more things added to my wish list for the car, & that was the garage had to be local to me so it could be serviced easily, & I wanted it to be 6 months old,not brand new. I was thinking that my specific requests would be impossible to achieve in such a short time,but Praise The Lord, as I was driving to the Audi garage 2 minutes from my home, my lodger sent me an email link with a picture of the exact car I had prayed for & it was on the forecourt of the Audi garage I was going to! My prayers were answered in every way & I now have the car of my dreams!