My two computers, a laptop and a tower system, have a hard life and occasionally have to be taken to the local surgery for TLC.  I know the owner very well, and because I frequently ‘let slip’ what I am doing (and he can see everything on the screen anyway) he knows very well where I’m coming from.  In recent times he has been doing repairs and providing the odd cartridge to me but refusing to take any payment.  His generosity had left me feeling uncomfortable  and embarrassing, and I had it in mind that, if he wouldn’t accept any payment from me, I could perhaps buy a box of chocolates for his wife.  I mentioned this to Wendy to see what she would say.  She was silent for a time, then said no, you shouldn’t do it.  She reminded me of how the Egyptians loaded the Children of Israel down with gifts when the time came for Moses to lead them out of Egypt, and they accepted them.  We need to accept gifts from others with gratitude but without feeling pressure to respond.

More recently I remembered our last day with the Community Church in Guildford around the 1980s (with a young family, and so far away, we felt to find something nearer home).  The leader called us to the front to thank us for the (little) we had been able to do.  Then he had a word for me, which I wrote down at the time: ‘Because you have given out of your substance and not counted the cost, God now wants you to learn how to receive from others’.  I found it a difficult instruction to take on board (and still do) with all the good things that we have received during our time with Kingdom Life.  But I’m trying!

M. W.