It just amazes me how often we, as Christians, are given favour from the wider world. Particularly in the matter of money. Just like the Israelites were given favour by the Egyptians (the world) before leaving that country.
See Exodus 12: 35-36

“Now the Israelites had acted in accordance with the word of Moses; and they had asked the Egyptians for articles of silver and articles of gold, and clothing. The LORD gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they gave them what they asked. And so they plundered the Egyptians [of those things].”

After our visit last week to Frimley Hospital I went to pay for our parking ticket. The queue at the Carpark B paystation was about 12 people long. I took note of the lady that would have been in front of me had I joined the queue. I thought I’m not waiting here, it’ll take hours. So I went to find the other pay station, but I had forgotten where it was, and didn’t find it. So I went over to the Carpark Attendants kiosk. Rang the bell, the window opened immediately and a smiley face emerged. I passed my ticket to him. He punched it and handed it back to me. I started to give the £3 clutched in my hand.

“O! Were you going to pay?” he asked.
“Of course” I said.
He said “I’m not allowed to take money”

I didn’t think this was true as I had paid there before. But he brushed me away, smiling and shut the window. Passing the Carpark B paystation I noticed the lady I would have been behind she was still 6th in the queue. If I had stayed I believe there would have been another hour to pay for on the ticket. And what made me look in the other Carpark and NOT find the paystation? God’s leading without my realising it.

It seems such a little thing, but this sort of thing is happening so often to us. And particularly poignant at this time because we have arranged to have a new front door and have just paid a deposit of quite a big sum, and now the fridge/freezer has broken down irreparably. Somehow the money is always there. I know £3 doesn’t seem much. But it is just a little reminder from God of how much He loves to be a part of our lives because He loves us so much.