Testimony contributed by Mike

For our holiday we had settled on nine days in Dartmouth, centre of all kinds of activities. I had taken my laptop with me, just in case I had ideas in connection with my current project.  Wendy wasn’t terribly amused at this, but assented. On the second evening I opened it up to check on emails, and . . . disaster. The battery was dead, and wouldn’t take a charge for more than a few seconds at a time, and the screen went blank. The power source is a proprietary item; you don’t just walk into Tesco and buy half a dozen, like you do with AA batteries. Was the Lord saying, ‘Told you so, you shouldn’t have taken it’?

Our bed & breakfast lady gave us a telephone directory so that I could contact a PC World. Astonishment and anger: The nearest one was in Torquay, some thirty miles away, but no telephone number or website. I couldn’t even check whether they would have one in stock. But eight days without the laptop was unacceptable, so we decided to combine a visit to Torquay’s computer centre with a trip to Paignton Zoo. At some point the idea came to mind that prayer might help; could be that computer sickness might respond to a stern command to resume health. With not a lot of faith I prayed over the machine, switched it on and waited. No response. Mentally consigning PC World’s bosses to some torture chamber I retired to bed. Next morning, thinking to do a final check before setting off, I switched on, and . . . there they all were, all those familiar icons. The utterly dead battery of last evening had, apparently, recharged itself overnight (I had switched off the charger overnight). It has continued to operate as normal. God says that ‘anything you ask in my name I will do for you’ (Mark 11:24); yes, even dead computer batteries. Gosh, it works! (Not sure Wendy’s too happy about it). This testimony, written five days later, is evidence of a miracle.