Mouth ulcers disappear!

Recently I managed to bite my lip during the night and the result was a very painful mouth ulcer. Normally mouth ulcers last for about 10 days and I certainly didn’t want that as it made eating difficult. As Duncan and I were praying, we began to speak the Word over the situation and commanded all pain to go. We didn’t see the result immediately but by the morning, the ulcer was completely gone. God’s Word is true. He has healed all our diseases!


Peace, be still!

On Sunday morning I woke up with a tightness in my chest. I put it down to having slept awkwardly and went off to church as normal. The tightness didn’t leave so I began to thank God that I was healed and spoke the scriptures over myself. Later on, we went for a walk in the woods. During the walk the tightness increased and it was beginning to take the enjoyment out of our walk. Then I began to hiccup violently and it wouldn’t stop! We were thanking God as we walked and in the end Duncan laid his hands on my chest and said, “Peace! Be still!” Immediately the hiccups ceased and the tightness went. Praise The Lord! He is our healer!


Healing testimony

At the coffee morning a couple of weeks ago, Kerry arrived on crutches with a broken foot. She asked for prayer and so we prayed. As she was leaving, she suddenly remembered she had left her crutches in the kitchen (obviously she didn’t need them any more!) The following Sunday she arrived at church wearing flip flops, her foot totally healed. Praise The Lord! God is faithful to His word.