In the week before the fast, I noticed my cheek beginning swell up. I suspected that the enemy was up to his tricks! I started to confess my healing, expecting that it would go away. Over the fast, I continued to confess my healing – albeit half-heartedly – fully expecting it to go away! It didn’t seem to get better, but neither did it get worse. In this, I hadn’t bothered Dawn, as I thought it was just going to go – it didn’t!

I woke up Tuesday night, knowing I had a battle on my hands – the swelling had got worse. I wasn’t going to be defeated I tried to pray, but felt a little too weak to overcome. I still kept my confession up, but my mind wasn’t really focussing on Jesus as my Healer.

I went to work on Wednesday, and people started to ask – “what’s wrong with your face? You’ll need to get some anti-biotics”. I didn’t say too much except that I was confident it would go down. By the afternoon, I was feeling really groggy and decided to go home. I spoke to Dawn on the phone, and told her I was coming home. I had bought and taken a couple of paracetamol to deal with the symptoms, but they’d had little effect.

The train I wanted to catch was delayed, which though frustrating, allowed me some time to pray, read the scriptures and confess them. I was in a quiet section of the train with no one to disturb me. I also asked The Lord if there were any issues I hadn’t dealt with – He showed me a couple of things, which I then dealt with. I continued to confess my healing based on Isaiah 53:5 and bind the enemy. I came to a place where I knew the healing was mine, but I have to say that the physical evidence was easier to consider than the Word.

Praise The Lord for believing wives because: Dawn came and picked me from the station – she then prayed with me, and told the enemy to get his hands off of me. I knew I was healed – not because I felt like it, but because I chose to believe what The Lord said! Dawn then made up the fire, I settled down to rest on the sofa, and within an hour the swelling had started to subside and within a few more hours had completely gone. Hallelujah!

Glory goes to God for healing me and for everything He’s done to make that available to us. Once again I give thanks for my beautiful wife who had the tenacity to pray an effectual fervent prayer for my healing.