I had been suffering with my menstrual cycle for some time, not just the heaviness but I was bleeding 3-4 weeks at a time and then off for a week. Something wasn’t right and I had been praying and believing for healing but nothing had changed.

On this particular month I had been bleeding for nearly 4 weeks! Not nice but Praise God, He has revealed to me that it is a generational curse of female related problems. I had been reading Derek Princes book ‘Blessings and curses’ and was prompted to think about the problem historically in my family. My gran had suffered badly, she, my mum and my aunt had all had hysterectomies, along with both my sisters and niece having problems in this area.

Derek Prince explains curses this way: “A curse is like a dark shadow from the past.”

I spoke with my Pastor about what had come to light and she encouraged me that it was probably true but to ask for confirmation from God.

So I prayed and asked, I am still learning to listen for the Lord, but it wasn’t long before He gave me ‘Joshua’, a couple of times I looked up the wrong verse, so I listened again, it was Joshua 5v8:

“After the circumcision was completed, the whole nation stayed in the camp until the wounds had healed.”
‭‭Joshua‬ ‭5:8‬ ‭GNB‬‬

It did make me giggle, it says about men being circumcised and then waiting for healing, well ‘cut it off’ it was to be then!

The next time I met with my Pastor, she talked me through the prayer of repentance for the sins of my ancestors and then prayed for it to be cut off from my life and from my daughters, Hallelujah!

I was instantly set free and healed, my bleeding now only lasts 3 days and I have no related problems in this area, Praise God!

Since then, to add to my testimony, my daughter has recently started her menstrual cycle with no problems at all, no pain, no heaviness! Praise God!

God can set us free from generations of problems, but don’t go looking for them, ask Him to reveal them to you.