I am a bookkeeper for a charity – Creative Response (Arts) Ltd which resides above the Library in Farnham. Every Tuesday my first task is to reconcile the Petty Cash tin with the Petty Cash Book and then to write out invoices matching all the receipts.  Last week we were £37.52 out!  I rechecked the money in the tin and the figures in the book! I then asked my boss, Mike to check the money – he agreed my figure. Only 4 people are allowed to allocate cash and write in the Cash Book.  And three of us were there in the office then.  Now, Mike started CR twenty years ago.  It is his baby! He said don’t worry I’ll put the money in.  At that moment the Holy Spirit stepped in.  In amazing boldness I said “No way!! Just because you feel responsible for everything here, you are not taking responsibility for this”.  So we hummed and hawed a bit more.  Then this boldness came upon me again.   I sort of took control of the situation.  I said very firmly we should leave it for now and just forget it.   It was such a strong leading from the Holy Spirit that we should not concern ourselves with this huge sum any more.  I had such peace!

Later in the day, after lunch, I was flicking through some of the month’s invoices and my eye fell on £37.52! I couldn’t believe it!  What made me pick up those old invoices?  I don’t know.   The amount was on the invoice but not written into the Petty Cash Book. It all ended with a mention of ‘a miracle’ and ‘someone up there’.  But I know it was a miracle.  Thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit for your leading.  You know, the devil could have had a whale of a day, keeping us in worry, guilt and whatever, But through the Holy Spirit peace reigned!  So much other work was accomplished.   Alleluia!  What a wonderful heavenly Father we do have.  He cares about every detail.