At the Golden Wedding celebration we went to, held in a marquee in a lovely garden, I was seated at the end of a table with no one to my left. There were about ten tables, each seating eight people! So it was quite noisy! Each table was invited into the house in turn to select our food. Our table was last. This gave us plenty of time to get to know our neighbours.
Brian ( not his real name) sitting on my right, told me that our host Bill had been talking to him about astrology and getting him quite interested. But Bill had recently changed his allegiance and was now completely into something called Life After Death. I said I believed in that but in the Christian way. Then Brian said “Do you think we should be buried or cremated?” I laughed!!
I said I don’t think it matters. Think of all the people who have died in fires, and all the sailors lost at sea! I then talked more about the body being only an earthly covering for our souls, our emotions, our passions, our nature and character and our spirits. He then asked what is our spirit. I said it is the part of us that is brought to life when we give our lives to God, to Jesus. Our spirit communicates with the Holy Spirit. Many other things were touched on including sin, God’s inability to look on sin; therefore no sin in Heaven; God’s judgment etc
And so the conversation continued. At the end Brian commented “I’ve learned more in five minutes than in all my life.”
Let us give praise and thanksgiving to our wonderful God who knows the heart of all people, those who are seeking the Truth, and those in the Truth ready at all times.
I want to thank God with all my heart for such an opportunity.