Testimony contributed by Mike

It was Friday and I had phoned our friendly plumber for an urgent task. OK, he said, I have a job Monday morning but will come round Monday afternoon.  A little later Wendy and I had an invite from a dear Jewish friend of long standing, to her meeting at which she would be speaking about two end of the age topics. The subjects she was to speak on were of great importance for the book I am writing about Babylon, Israel and the ‘fourth kingdom’ of Daniel 2:40 and I could not afford to turn down such an invitation.  However, the meeting was arranged for the same Monday afternoon as the plumber’s visit.  I could not contact him to change the time as the job needed doing urgently.  I couldn’t see a way forward, so Wendy and I prayed during Sunday for a solution to this apparently intractable problem.

Early Monday morning, there was a knock on the door.  It was the plumber. His client had called off the visit at the last moment so he was free to visit us.  He was able to complete the work in good time leaving us free to go.   I hadn’t thought of that possibility, but the Lord had!  In the event, the afternoon visit turned out to be even more valuable than I could have expected.  We have had many answers to prayer, but this one stays in my mind because it was so vital for the work that the Lord had called me to do.