We belong to Almighty God who reigns supreme over all the earth and everything in it. He is an amazing Father who loves each and every one of us more than anyone else could ever love us.
I was off work recently with a nasty bout of flu, which wouldn’t budge, even though I knew God’s promised healing. God used that time to refresh me and speak to me. He has a perfect plan, always. I was without money for 2 weeks as my company doesn’t pay sick pay and I am employed on a casual contract, but I prayed and trusted that according to His Word, my God would supply all my needs. A friend of mine gave me some money, she felt God had prompted her to and she will be blessed greatly for doing what God asked of her. This enabled me to put petrol in my car to go to work the next week and then it would be pay day. That week the HR boss took me to one side and told me she thought it unfair that I worked full time but didn’t get any money if off sick. She said she was looking into company policy, asked me not to speak to anyone about it and said she’d made a decision to pay me some sick pay. At the end of the week my pay was double what I expected! Praise my Father; I was able to pay my bills.

In that week, I heard that someone close to me, whom I was praying for and had just had chemotherapy, got the all-clear on the after therapy scan. What a loving God.
That same week I was singing God’s praises literally as I worked and my boss asked me about church. I was able to talk to her about our loving Father and invite her to a church coffee morning. She was really keen and I continue to pray for her that she will ask God into her life.
Then tonight, I was totally blown away and amazed by Gods amazing love and grace! I drove home from work at midnight, in tears and so in awe of His amazing love and so humbled by His grace. I get paid every Friday and after paying my bills and £10 I had borrowed from a friend, I didn’t have much left. My natural self began to worry but I prayed and thanked God for looking after me and trusted in His promise. That night I received £25 cash from tips, which is almost unheard of; my friend wouldn’t take the £10 I owed as she said it was a gift. Then, once home, I put the key with £5 credit on it in the electric meter and the meter credited me with £20!! What an awesome loving Father we have.

I have had to make some really tough choices recently because I want to do God’s will and live the life He has planned for me. He has a perfect plan for each and every one of us. It is hard sometimes to lay aside some of our plans and desires, but if we do what our Father asks of us He will bless us more than we ever could imagine. His plan is perfect. Each day is a step of faith and sometimes we lack understanding because we naturally want to control our own lives. It isn’t always easy to do God’s will, but at the end of the day He knows best and He wants us to live a life full of joy and fulfilment.
Lord my Father you totally amaze me. I pray that you keep me on your path, knowing that you are continually with me every step of the way. I love you Lord.